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Book cover of 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD

10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD

by Stephanie Moulton Sarkis

Publisher: New Harbinger Pubns Inc
ISBN: 9781572244344

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Synopsis of 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD

People think of ADD as a kid's problem. But kids grow up. Many adults also struggle with ADD. There are book resources on the market for these folks. But they are often too long. Or too complicated. Or too dry and clinical. Adults with ADD need straightforward tools for coping with real experiences. This book offers exactly what they need.

Each chapter takes up an issue pertinent to adults with ADD: "My mind wanders" "I'm always misplacing things." "I have trouble keeping friends." "I have a hard time getting started." In no more than five to seven pages, the book outlines strategies for each problem that are simple to put into practice. If you're struggling with adult ADD, the information in this book offers you immediate and lasting rewards: better concentration, sharper memory, enhanced focus, and greater self-confidence.

A professional ADD coach offers simple tools and tips for adults with ADD on how to heighten concentration and memory retention, lessen anxiety, cope with anger and frustration, deal with social situations, handle finances, and perform successfully at work.

About the Author, Stephanie Moulton Sarkis

Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D., is an ADD/ADHD coach located in Gainesville, FLorida. She is a columnist for the Lake City Reporter and a consultant at Levin College of Law where she provides pro bono assessment of children in need of legal services. She is also Director of Assessments and Evaluations at Sarkis Family Psychiatry, where she conducts clinical trials.

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