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Book cover of 100 Heartbeats: The Race to Save Earth's Most Endangered Species

100 Heartbeats: The Race to Save Earth's Most Endangered Species

by Jeff Corwin

Publisher: Rodale Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9781605298474

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Synopsis of 100 Heartbeats: The Race to Save Earth's Most Endangered Species

It’s no secret that our planet—and the delicate web of ecosystems that comprise it—is in crisis. Environmental threats such as climate change, pollution, habitat loss, and land degradation threaten the survival of thousands of plant and animal species each day. In 100 Heartbeats, conservationist and television host Jeff Corwin provides an urgent, palpable portrait of the wildlife that is suffering in silence and teetering on the brink of extinction. From the forests slipping away beneath the stealthy paws of the Florida panther, to the giant panda’s plight to climb ever higher in the mountains of China in search of sustenance, to the brutal poaching tactics that have devastated Africa’s rhinoceros and elephant populations, Corwin takes readers on a global tour to witness firsthand the critical state of our natural world. Along the way, he shares inspiring stories of battles being waged and won in defense of the earth’s most threatened creatures by the conservationists on the front lines. These stories of hope and progress underscore an important message: Our own survival, as well as that of the world’s wildlife, is in our hands. The race to save the planet’s most endangered wildlife is under way. Every heartbeat matters.

Publishers Weekly

Biologist, Emmy Award-winning producer and TV host Corwin discusses polar and panda bears, Florida panthers and Bengal tigers, and other creatures in this valuable, far-reaching look at endangered species and global efforts to save them (published in conjunction with an MSNBC documentary). He begins with recollections of a trip to "the ice-locked village of Kaktovik, 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle," where Corwin joins scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey studying polar bears, the first animals listed as endangered "due to climate change and the resulting shrinking of sea ice." Determined but far from didactic, Corwin hops the globe discussing a range of land and sea animals in immediate danger, but also the people who live among them and work for their preservation. He also highlights success stories: the California condor, for example, "teetered precariously at an estimated 22 birds in 1987," but intensive captive-breeding efforts have helped bring the population to more than 300. Proving that smart, concerted conservation can and does work, Corwin manages to dull the hopelessness and build a strong case for continuing efforts now and in the future. 16 pages of color photos.
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About the Author, Jeff Corwin

From an early age, Jeff Corwin has worked for the conservation of endangered species. In addition to his work as a wildlife biologist, Corwin is also an Emmy Award–winning producer and host of more than a dozen television series that have been broadcast in more than 100 countries for the following networks: Discovery, Animal Planet, Disney, the Food Network, NBC, CNN, and the Travel Channel. His most recent documentary project, MSNBC’s 100 Heartbeats, is based on this book. He is the author of Living On the Edge (Rodale, 2004) and the Jeff Corwin Junior Explorers Series (Puffin Books). Corwin holds bachelor of science degrees in biology and anthropology from Bridgewater State College and a master of science degree in wildlife and fisheries conservation from the University of Massachusetts. He is the founder of the EcoZone, an interactive museum in Norwell, Massachusetts. When not in the field, Corwin resides with his wife and two daughters on a small island off of the southeastern coast of Massachusetts.

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