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Book cover of 12 Spanish Dances by Granados

12 Spanish Dances by Granados

by John Griggs

Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Other Format
ISBN: 9780786644339

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Synopsis of 12 Spanish Dances by Granados

The complete set of Twelve Spanish Dances transcribed and arranged for guitar. The transcriptions remain true to the original piano score, but have been arranged in an idiomatic style for the guitar. The Spanish Romantic compositional style of Enrique Granados comes through in these elegant dances. The simplistic and intimate nature of the melodies make them very accessible for the guitar. These arrangements are a fresh approach to the familiar dances and an incentive to play some of the lesser known. A valuable addition to any guitar library. The edition includes a composer bio and program notes about each of the dances. Written in standard notation.

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