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Book cover of 200 Letters for Job Hunters, Revised

200 Letters for Job Hunters, Revised

by William S. Frank

Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 9780898155587

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Synopsis of 200 Letters for Job Hunters, Revised

This book is the standard resource for people who need a complete reference book for all types of letters for the job search, from campaign to follow-up. In this update, Bill Frank has replaced key letters with newer, more effective examples.

About the Author, William S. Frank

Bill Frank is a career consultant to more than 100 major U.S. corporations. He has counseled over 15,000 executives in the past ten years, helping people whose interests range from banking to nursing to law to construction. Anyone—employed or not—who wants a better job or more money can benefit from 200 LETTERS FOR JOB HUNTERS.

Reviews of 200 Letters for Job Hunters, Revised

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