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Book cover of 2009 New Jersey Employment Law

2009 New Jersey Employment Law

by Rosemary Alito

Publisher: Incisive Media, LLC
ISBN: 9781576253267

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Synopsis of 2009 New Jersey Employment Law

Blending legal scholarship with practical application, this authoritative reference sheds much-needed light on the rapidly expanding and somewhat murky sphere of employment law in New Jersey. Indispensable for human resources personnel, workers’ rights groups, and representative counsel, this accessible guide offers answers to oft-asked questions, advice for developing complicated strategies, and ways to facilitate discussions during legal proceedings. In-depth information is provided for all pertinent issues, including discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace torts, disability, insurance, health and safety, and electronic privacy.

About the Author, Rosemary Alito

Rosemary Alito is a trial litigation attorney, the author of New Jersey Employment Law for Businesses, and a recipient of the Trial Attorneys of New Jersey Bar Award for Outstanding Performance. She lives in Roseland, New Jersey.

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