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Book cover of 2011 Classic Sailing Wall Calendar

2011 Classic Sailing Wall Calendar

by Silver Lining

Publisher: Silver Lining
Pages: 28
Wall Calendar
ISBN: 9781435121997

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Overview of 2011 Classic Sailing Wall Calendar

This stunning 17-month calendar for 2010 features images from the Rosenfeld Collection at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. Some of the most memorable moments in the history of sailing are captured in stunning black and white photographs that convey all the beauty and excitement of this thrilling sport.

Choosing a Silver Lining calendar can reduce the size of your carbon footprint. Since 2008, Silver Lining has saved 12,921 fully grown trees and over five million gallons of water! These calendars conserve natural resources, reduce pollution, and preserve endangered forests by using 100% recycled paper that is bleached without the use of chlorine. Traditional petroleum-based inks have been replaced by soy-based inks. Even the shrink-wrap and corrugated packaging are made out of recycled materials.

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