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Book cover of 2011 Get Fuzzy Wall Calendar

2011 Get Fuzzy Wall Calendar

by Darby Conley

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Wall Calendar
ISBN: 9780740795176

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Synopsis of 2011 Get Fuzzy Wall Calendar

Pity Rob Wilco. Although he technically might be at the top of the food chain in the home he shares with Satchel and Bucky, he definitely is not the alpha dog (or cat, for that matter). That title would go to Bucky, the acerbic Siamese with delusions of grandeur whose schemes--by accident or design--invariably cause headaches for Rob and sweet Lab-Sharpei mix Satchel. Luckily for the rest of us, the result is hilarity as we share Rob's pain, all the while enjoying the hilarious goings-on and waiting for Bucky's next outrageous stunt.

If you think you know Get Fuzzy from seeing it online or in newspapers, wait until you see the Get Fuzzy 2011 Wall Calendar with its large, redrawn, and colorized panels. Each month also features the original strip from which the panel was lifted.

Get Fuzzy copyright (c) Darby Conley

About the Author, Darby Conley

Get Fuzzy first appeared in newspapers in 1999. Darby Conley lives in Boston with four cats and three boxes of Band-Aids.

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