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Book cover of 29 And Counting

29 And Counting

by Julie Tilsner

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
ISBN: 9780809229376

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Synopsis of 29 And Counting

Just when a woman's learned how to wind her way through a life of temp jobs and commitment-phobic boyfriends, she has to face the biggest nightmare yet--turning 30. What with everything on that "To Do Before 30" list still left undone and and the biological clock ticking all too loudly, even the most sensible chicks come a little unglued when their fourth decade is upon them.

Luckily, humor writer Julie Tilsner is here to help. A Business Week editor who ditched New York City and a successful career for a kibbutz in Israel when the big day closed in on her, Tilsner recounts her experience and those of many other women in this pithy, insightful, and uproarious self-help book.

About the Author, Julie Tilsner

Julie Tilsner is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School and a former editor at Business Week. She's written articles for the New York Times, Linguafranca, the Los Angeles Times, POV, and Women's Wire. She lives with her husband (whom she met on a kibbutz) and new baby girl.

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