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Book cover of 3D Studio Max R3 Bible

3D Studio Max R3 Bible

by Kelly L. Murdock

Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Pages: 1151
ISBN: 9780764546211

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Overview of 3D Studio Max R3 Bible

Master valuable 3D modeling and animation skills to create spectacular visual effects with 3D Studio MAX R3 Bible. Each chapter in this authoritative guide helps you harness the power of MAX's specialized tools, effects, and utilities:
* Familiarize yourself with the new features in R3, understand the interface, and discover how to configure and customize MAX.
* Learn how to reference, select, transform, and modify models, cameras, lights, and any other object that can be viewed in a viewport.
* Model objects by working on primitives, spline shapes, meshes, patches, NURBS, and a variety of specialized compound objects, including Lofts and Morphs.
* Control light and cameras, as well as several lighting special effects and camera utilities.
* Use particle systems and space warps to enhance any MAX scene.
* Create animated scenes with keyframing, Track View, and Controllers.
* Extend the features of MAX with plug-ins.
The jam-packed CD-ROM includes exclusive Bible plug-ins, including Brick Object, Gear Object, Rainbow Effect, and more. It also offers sample 3D models and complete tutorial files to help you take full advantage of MAX 3R.

Synopsis of 3D Studio Max R3 Bible

If 3D Studio MAX can do it, you can do it too … Take 3D Studio MAX to the max — and join the ranks of the animation pros who created special effects for Lost in Space, the dancing baby on Ally McBeal, and Lara Croft in Tomb Raider II. Packed with expert advice, time-saving tips, and more than 100 step-by-step tutorials, 3D Studio MAX® R3 Bible gets you up to speed quickly, whether you're a 3D-modeling beginner or a veteran animator. Complete with a full-color section showcasing animation techniques plus a CD-ROM with exclusive plug-ins, this is the ultimate 3D Studio MAX reference. Inside, you'll find complete coverage of 3D Studio MAX R3

  • Master the new features in R3 — the improved user interface, updated modeling tools, new rendering engine, and more
  • Create sophisticated 3D models using NURBs, splines, patches, meshes, and lofts
  • Give your models life-like motion with Inverse Kinematics and Character Studio
  • Build intricate special effects using particle systems and Space Warps
  • Improve your productivity and workflow with External References and MAXscript
  • Enhance your renderings with the new Render Effects and Video Post interface
Jam-Packed CD-ROM!
  • Exclusive Furious Research plug-ins, including Lego-like Brick Object, Gear Object, Rainbow Effect, Stereogram Rendering Effect, Cartoon/Sketch Rendering Effect, Ball and Stick, and more
Plus Rhinoceros evaluation version, 3D-Paralex, and more
  • Sample 3D models
  • Complete tutorial files
  • And more!
  • Kinetix MAX R3 non-interactive demo
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About the Author, Kelly L. Murdock

About the Author Kelly Murdock has been involved with more computer books than he cares to count -- to the point that he avoids the computer book section of the bookstore, except for the graphics section, which still remains an obsession. His book credits include various Web and multimedia titles, including contributions of various editions of HTML Unleashed and Laura Lemay's Web Workshop: 3D Graphics and VRML 2. With a background in Engineering and Computer Graphics, Kelly has been all over the 3D industry. He's used high-level CAD workstations for product design and analysis; completed several large-scale visualization projects; created 3D models for feature films, worked as a freelance 3D artist, and even done some 3D programming. Kelly's been using 3D Studio on and off since version 3 for DOS. He is also the creative force behind the children's Web site, at, which is soon to be sporting several new 3D characters.

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