Book cover of A Blonde in the Works

A Blonde in the Works

by Barbara P Parsons

Publisher: Bunim & Bannigan Ltd
ISBN: 9781933480183

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Synopsis of A Blonde in the Works

Set in Bogot, Colombia, in 1971, Claire Chesterton, blonde, on the flashy side, and bit overdone, arrives at the Trade Delegation as a typist. She fears that her marriageable time is up, when a makeover results in her unexpectedly having several suitors. This atmospheric and satirical story features a cast of characters including the delegations Number Three, the insidiously charming lush Jeremy Jooning, whose humdrum marriage quickly puts him on to the scent of Claires new-found confidence. Claires fragile hopes for success are quickly dashed by Joonings cruel infidelity when, at last, she finds herself on the brink of true liberation.

About the Author, Barbara P Parsons

Parsons was born in England to a naval family. After working overseas in many lands, she came to the U.S. with her husband in 1973. She is active in green and animal liberation issues, has contributed articles to Sierra Club Wildlife Involvement News and edits the Unitarians for Ethical Treatment of Animals newsletter.

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