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Book cover of A Bridge to the Stars

A Bridge to the Stars

by Henning Mankell, Francis Greenslade

Publisher: Bolinda Publishing
Compact Disc
ISBN: 9781921415203

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Synopsis of A Bridge to the Stars

One of the world’s best-selling authors has written a moving story about a teenager’s life in Northern Sweden.

12-year-old Joel lives with his father in the cold northern part of Sweden. At night he often sneaks out of the house to look for a lonely dog he has seen from his window. On the bridge across the icy river he starts a secret society and has adventures. But one night he discovers that his father’s bed is also empty, and so he will have to come to terms with his father’s newfound love. The harsh reality of Joel’s world comes vividly to life and leaves the reader spellbound.

Publishers Weekly

The Swedish crime novelist, author of the Kurt Wallander mysteries, gives a younger audience a sophisticated glimpse into a boy's psyche in this simple but captivating novel. Set in a secluded mountain town in northern Sweden in 1956, the story is full of quiet moments that fluently capture its protagonist's yearning to gain his footing in a lonely adult world he doesn't understand. Eleven-year-old Joel has questions that need to be answered. Why did his mother walk out on him and his father? If his father loves the sea, why are they holed up in the mountains? And why has his father started inviting big-breasted Sara, the loud waitress with the red hat, over for coffee? Instead of laying out each step Joel takes as he sorts things through, Mankell sends Joel on a series of thrilling midnight adventures, wherein he sneaks out of the house to search for a mysterious dog (and his own identity). Using his fertile imagination, Joel forms a secret society of explorers who share his mission and "grown-ups who think like children and act differently." His evolving relationship with his father and his encounters with local outcasts are refreshingly life-affirming, and by the end, readers can rest assured that Joel's journey, and their own, has been a fruitful one. Ages 12-up. (Dec.)

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About the Author, Henning Mankell

Best known for his series of police procedurals featuring the adventures of Swedish detective Kurt Wallander -- selling over 10 million copies worldwide -- Henning Mankell has become a mystery master garnering critical acclaim in both the U.K. and U.S.

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