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Book cover of A Bubble That Broke The World

A Bubble That Broke The World

by Garet Garrett

Publisher: Cosimo Classics
ISBN: 9781605209739

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Synopsis of A Bubble That Broke The World

The names of the players are different, but these cautionary essays about massive national debt-written in the long wake of World War I and as the Great Depression was starting to make its horrible power fully known-are still fully applicable today.

A powerful libertarian voice of the early 20th century, Garet Garrett, writing originally in the Saturday Evening Post, warned about the extension of American credit to a Europe staggering under a massive debt leftover from the financing of World War I... a situation echoed, if reversed, today as the overextended United States continues her rampant borrowing.

Collected in book form, Garrett's writings are a cry for a retreat from financial insanity, a clear-eyed look at a complicated and little understood era of financial history, and perhaps an ominous warning for today.

American journalist GARET GARRETT (1878-1954) also wrote The American Omen (1928), Rise of Empire (1941), and Garet Garrett's: The People's Pottage (later retitled Ex America) (1951).

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