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Book cover of A Century of Chicano History

A Century of Chicano History

by Gilbert G. Gonzalez

Publisher: Taylor & Francis, Inc.
ISBN: 9780415943925

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Synopsis of A Century of Chicano History

In the best traditions of U.S. critical scholarship from Beard to Genovese and beyond, this book offers a definitive account of the interdependent histories of the U.S. and Mexico as well as the making of the Chicano population in America while providing a history of 20th Century Mexico and its cultural interactions with the US. By employing a neo-Marxist approach, the authors skillfully link history to contemporary issues, emphasizing the overlooked significance of late 19th and 20th century U.S. economic expansionism to European in the formation of the Mexican community. By doing so, the reader offers a timely and significant revision of the of the origins of the increasing Mexican-American population of the United States, illuminating the deep connection between US domination over Mexico-demanding attention to the past, present, and future course of Chicano history.

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