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Book cover of A Chill Rain in January (Karl Alberg Series #3)

A Chill Rain in January (Karl Alberg Series #3)

by L. R. Wright

Publisher: Felony & Mayhem, LLC
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781934609361

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Overview of A Chill Rain in January (Karl Alberg Series #3)

Though Karl Alberg is effectively the police chief in the town of Sechelt, the most pressing thing on his desk right now is the spunky old lady who has apparently absconded from her retirement home, most likely, it's widely believed, in search of a good martini. But a storm is brewing for Alberg, just a few miles down the peninsula. Zoe Strachan was an angry child, and she's grown into an angry, if eerily seductive woman. Over the years, she has built up elaborate structures to contain her anger, but now those structures have been shattered. A refugee from big-city policing, Alberg thinks he's seen it all. But he's not even going to know what hit him.

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