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Book cover of A Circus Without Elephants: A Memoir

A Circus Without Elephants: A Memoir

by Maralys Wills

Publisher: Ivy House Publishing Group
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9781571974495

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Overview of A Circus Without Elephants: A Memoir

Maralys Wills unwittingly becomes the ringmaster of an eight-sport family— an exuberant troupe of five boys and a girl that discovers joy and laughter in offbeat creations like double-decker bicycles and primitive hang gliders. Thanks to the kids, she soars to 2,000 feet on a tandem hang glider, plays tennis with Dinah Shore, and appears on Family Feud. When tragedy strikes, she and her family must summon great reserves of humor and the courage to move on."At its heart, A Circus Without Elephants is the story of its author, Maralys Wills, the bemused ringmaster, snapping her marshmallow whip over a bewildering array of characters-her family. Her stories will make you smile, or laugh out loud, and yet there are times you will find a lump in your throat. You will be delighted by the circus, you will love the ringmaster."-E. Ervin TibbsAuthor of Sunset Tomorrow

About the Author, Maralys Wills

Maralys Wills is author of nine published books and mother of six children— five boys and a girl.Her most challenging writing project, a memoir titled "Higher Than Eagles," became her biggest triumph, garnering excellent reviews and five movie options.In addition to frequent speaking engagements, she has given numerous writing seminars across the country. She currently writes in Santa Ana, CA.

Reviews of A Circus Without Elephants: A Memoir

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