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Book cover of A Cry from the Dark

A Cry from the Dark

by Robert Barnard

Publisher: Magna Large Print Books
ISBN: 9780750522410

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Synopsis of A Cry from the Dark

Master of mystery Robert Barnard, internationally acclaimed for his suspenseful, witty literary gems, cleverly mixes past and present in A Cry from the Dark, an intriguing tour de force sweeping from 1930s Australia to contemporary London.

Bettina Whitelaw has come a long way from her childhood in the little outback town of Bundaroo, Australia. Many years have passed, a lifetime really, but she's never forgotten what happened there on the evening that changed her life forever.

How could she forget the school dance, her taunting classmates, dancing with the strange but brilliant English boy, Hughie Naismyth? How could she forget what happened next, when, overheated and exhilarated by the music and the moment, she wandered off alone into a secluded, wooded area?

Now a renowned, elderly author living in London's elegant Holland Park, Bettina faces a flood of memories as she works on her memoirs, even though her focus is more on the frightening things that are happening today. Someone has recently entered her home and gone through her desk. The intruder is clearly not an ordinary burglar. It must be someone she knows. She's been a little lax in handing out keys, so the suspects are many -- her nephew, Mark; her agent, Clare; her friends, Peter or Katie. Or it could be someone else.

What does Bettina possess that this person would want to steal? A puzzle that at first seems mildly disturbing soon turns deadly serious. Someone is willing to kill -- but why? Does the answer rest in Bundaroo or nearer to home?

A Cry from the Dark shows us vintage Robert Barnard as he slyly lays the clues that lead to his trademark surprise -- and poignant -- ending.

The Washington Post

A well-plotted mystery, A Cry From the Dark is also an absorbing novel of character about raising and lowering emotional barriers, and about how old age is no excuse for refusing to face hard truths about people and about oneself. — Richard Lipez

About the Author, Robert Barnard

Robert Barnard's most recent novel is Dying Flames. His other books include The Graveyard Position, A Cry from the Dark, The Mistress of Alderley, The Bones in the Attic, A Scandal in Belgravia, Out of the Blackout, and many more. Winner of the prestigious Cartier Diamond Dagger and Nero Wolfe awards, as well as the Anthony, Agatha, and Macavity awards, the eight-time Edgar nominee is a member of Britain's distinguished Detection Club. He and his wife, Louise, live in Leeds, England.

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