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Book cover of A Falling of Law

A Falling of Law

by JJ Adams

Publisher: Black Rose Writing
ISBN: 9781935605300

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Synopsis of A Falling of Law

If Raymond Chandler wrote Silence of the Lambs, you'd get something like A Falling of Law. Once called the "new queen of mystery," Susan Wingate (writing as JJ Adams) pens a thriller of a detective crime story.

Harvey Flemings has discovered not just once, but twice, the same gruesome murder and is up to his neck in guilt. After many years of their small town enduring her abuses, someone has finally killed Leona Malouf. When the investigation turns cold, a sketchy trail leads back to Harvey. And, when there seems no possible way of redeeming his not-so-good name, he learns the identity of the real murderer.


"Of THE LAW" would make a great film..."

About the Author, JJ Adams

Born in Phoenix, Arizona to James & Amie Ajamie (a writer and an artist, respectively), Susan Wingate tried to fly, at age five off the roof of their family house using newspaper, wire hangers and scotch tape. She’s been dreaming of flying ever since. Oh, by the way, she never jumped. Her mother ran out in the nick of time to stop her from take-off.

Wingate realized her dreams when she entered the world of writing. At first, she only wrote songs and poetry but then her writing blossomed when she tried her hand at fiction. In 1997, she devoted her days to writing and in 2004, she began writing full-time. Since then, Susan has written several plays, one screenplay, one short story collection and seven novels with two more scheduled to be written in 2010. In 2008, she started writing a memoir.

A lover of the arts, Susan draws and paints abstracts using oil as her favored medium. She has taken up playing the violin (it’s been a squeakly start) and she loves the theatre. Susan lives in Washington State.

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