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Book cover of A Guide through Finnegans Wake

A Guide through Finnegans Wake

by Edmund Lloyd Epstein

Publisher: University Press of Florida
ISBN: 9780813033563

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Synopsis of A Guide through Finnegans Wake

Recognized as one of the world's foremost Joyce scholars, Edmund Lloyd Epstein has been reading and thinking about Joyce for more than fifty years. His considerable experience and enthusiasm are presented here as a useful guide to readers of Finnegans Wake, one that emphasizes the continuity, the long currents, within Joyce's oceanic masterpiece. He offers clues to untangling the interconnections among the elements and sections of the Wake, along with commentary that helps explain the broad range of literary criticism that has been written on the novel.

This accessible guide approaches the daunting work in a way that provides handrails for first-time readers while, at the same time, presenting new insights for anyone approaching the work for the second, third, or twentieth time.

About the Author, Edmund Lloyd Epstein

Edmund Lloyd Epstein, professor of English at Queens College and the Graduate Center at CUNY, is the author of numerous books and articles on Joyce, including The Ordeal of Stephen Dedalus.

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