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Book cover of A Million Moves: Keeping Fit, Vol. 1

A Million Moves: Keeping Fit, Vol. 1

by Slim Goodbody, John Burstein

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9780778739302

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Children's Literature - Beverly Melasi

Slim Goodbody's goal in life is to help young people become healthy and active. Today, one in three kids in the United States is overweight. Without changing their eating and exercise habits, many will become overweight adults. They risk many possible health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes. Lucas is the smallest kid in his class. The kids call him "Lucas the light." He is determined to get stronger and run faster. When he finds out that the Presidents' Challenge, a test of endurance, strength, and flexibility, is ten weeks away, he decides to train for the event. He finds out that to prepare for the challenge, he needs physical activity every day to strengthen his heart, muscles, and bones. He has read that the U.S. government recommends sixty-minutes of moderate intensity activity most days of the week. It includes less sitting and plenty of walking and even dancing to increase the heart rate. So Lucas goes to the Internet to see what is so great about exercise. The first website he finds explains that if he eats a nutritious diet and is physically active, he will be healthier. The website also explains that if he does not get enough exercise, it is more difficult to stay at a healthy weight. So Lucas learns that the key to maintaining a healthy weight is to find a balance between the calories he takes in from eating and the ones he burns through physical activity. He keeps surfing the Internet and finds another site about the heart and lungs. He discovers that exercising strengthens the heart and lungs, giving the body more oxygen to work better. So the next day, Lucas visits a local fitness center and they help him come up with a fitness plan to help him reach hisgoal. He also learns about aerobic exercise to build muscle endurance. Aerobic exercise makes your body use a lot of oxygen over a short period of time. There are a lot of ways to get aerobic exercise outside of a gym. You can carry your backpack while you walk at a quick pace, ride a bike, or go for a jog. After a week of stretching before and after exercising, Lucas is less sore. He visits his doctor who shows him how to get even more physically fit. He shows him a "Move It" chart as a guide. It looks much like the food group pyramid but depicts physical activity instead. The doctor also explains the benefits of drinking lots of water during and after exercise and the type of clothing to wear, like cotton shorts and shirts, to keep his body temperature down. They also talk about getting the right shoes for running, which do not need to be expensive to work. Lucas soon becomes a health advocate. Pretty soon, the kids who once made fun of him join him in his quest for the Presidents' Challenge. I really enjoyed reading this story. It is written so that the juvenile reader can completely understand the terms and information. The author gives many great ideas for exercising without having to get a membership at a gym, which is helpful for kids of all ages. I highly recommend this book for any young person who wants to learn about exercising. Reviewer: Beverly Melasi

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