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Book cover of A Picture Book of Thurgood Marshall

A Picture Book of Thurgood Marshall

by David A. Adler, Robert Casilla

Publisher: Holiday House, Inc.
ISBN: 9780823413089

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Synopsis of A Picture Book of Thurgood Marshall

Follows the life of the first African American to serve as a judge on the United States Supreme Court.

Children's Literature

Thurgood Marshall's real name was "Thoroughgood", after his grandfather, who served in the Union Army during the Civil War. By the second grade, however, the boy was tired of writing out such a long name, so he shortened it to "Thurgood." It was just the first of many ways in which he was to make a name for himself. Through simple, straightforward text and low-key illustrations, this picture book biography provides the basic facts in a format friendly to the reluctant-or beginning-reader. Though Adler fails to cite references and perhaps even oversimplifies his subject at times, he places Marshall's achievements well within their historical context, offering a relatively balanced portrait of this great civil rights figure.

About the Author, David A. Adler

David A. Adler lives in Woodmere, New York. Joy Allen lives in Cameron Park, California.

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