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Book cover of A Poet?s Truth: Conversations with Latino/Latina Poets

A Poet?s Truth: Conversations with Latino/Latina Poets

by Bruce Allen Dick

Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 9780816522750

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Synopsis of A Poet?s Truth: Conversations with Latino/Latina Poets

Fifteen contemporary Chicano/a, Cuban, and Puerto Rican poets discuss their work, their place in American letters, and a wide range of social and political issues. Those interviewed range from Victor Hernandez Cruz—a revered voice in poetry since the 1960s—to Demetria Martínez, an acclaimed novelist who began to publish her poetry in the 1990s. Dick teaches English at Appalachian State University. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Library Journal

This collection of interviews with prominent Latino poets (namely, Chicano, Cuban, and Puerto Rican) will both fascinate and frustrate lovers of poetry. Its main purpose is to reveal how 16 Latino poets (among them, Miguel Algarin, Carlos Medina, Virgil Su rez, and Judith Ortiz Cofer) found their niche in American literature and to detail what political and social issues helped shape their personal and creative lives. The frustration arises from the lack of examples of poetry (very few are included). Instead, readers are given insights into the poetry only via interviews. In addition, author-interviewer Dick (English, Appalacian State Univ.) asks certain poets to comment on given lines, thus instigating the venal sin of asking them to explain, in ordinary language, the "meaning" of their verse. Dick selected these poets as spokespersons for their rich social and cultural heritage-and they truly are some of the best Latino poets currently writing. Still, it is unfortunate that unless readers are poets themselves or students or teachers of poetry or Latino studies, they have probably never heard of many of these poets. What a shame, then, that some samples could not have been included. In this format, the book is not recommend for public libraries, but in academic libraries it may serve as a useful backup, provided their collections also contain the poetry of those interviewed.-Nedra Crowe-Evers, Sacramento P.L., CA Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

About the Author, Bruce Allen Dick

Bruce Allen Dick is Associate Professor of English at Appalachian State University. His other books include Conversations with Rudolfo Anaya and The Critical Response to Ishmael Reed.

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