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Book cover of A Quiet Belief in Angels

A Quiet Belief in Angels

by R. J. Ellory, Mark Bramhall

Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Compact Disc
ISBN: 9781441722423

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Synopsis of A Quiet Belief in Angels

Growing up in rural Georgia during the 1940's, Joseph Vaughan finds himself at the center of a series of mutilations and killings of young girls. Just a teenager, Joseph becomes determined to protect his community from the killer, but he is powerless in preventing more murders-and no one is ever caught. Ten years later one of his neighbors is found hanging from a rope, surrounded by belongings of the dead girls; the killings cease, and the nightmare appears to be over.

Desperate and plagued by everything he has witnessed, Joseph sets out to forge a new life in New York. But even there the past won't leave him alone-for it seems that the murderer still lives and is killing again, and that the secret to his identity lies in Joseph's own history.

Publishers Weekly

In his American debut, British author Ellory (A Simple Act of Violence) presents an intriguing but overstuffed saga of a man haunted by a serial killer. In 1939, in rural Augusta Falls, Ga., someone brutally rapes and murders a classmate of 12-year-old Joseph Vaughn, the first in what will become more than 30 similar crimes over decades. At age 15, living alone with his mother after the death of his father and yearning to be a writer, Vaughan gathers together a group of local boys and forms the Guardians in the hope of preventing more attacks. It's the failure of the group, and himself in particular, that eventually drives Vaughan to Brooklyn, where, in an improbable twist, he gets caught up in another murder linked to the killings back home. Ellory simply tries to juggle too many narrative elements. The sheer number of characters and subplots dilute the quiet power of his prose, particularly evident in scenes of Vaughn's childhood. (Sept.)

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About the Author, R. J. Ellory

R.J. Ellory is the author of five novels, soon to be published by Overlook in the U.S. A Quiet Belief in Angels was a Richard & Judy Book Club selection in 2008 and was shortlisted for the American Barry Award for Best British Crime Fiction. Two of Ellory's earlier works were shortlisted for the Crime Writers' Association Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award.

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