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Book cover of A Simple Story

A Simple Story

by Mrs. Inchbald

Publisher: Tutis Digital Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 9788132053538

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Synopsis of A Simple Story

Beautiful as she had appeared to Miss Woodley and to Dorriforth the preceding day, when she joined them the next morning at breakfast, repossessed of her lively elegance and dignified simplicity, they gazed at her, and at each other alternately, with wonder!--and Mrs. Horton, as she sat at the head of her tea-table, felt herself but as a menial servant, such command has beauty if united with sense and with virtue.--In Miss Milner it was so united. --Yet let not our over-scrupulous readers be misled, and extend their idea of her virtue so as to magnify it beyond that which frail mortals commonly possess.

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