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Book cover of A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton

A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton

by Carl Bernstein, Robertson Dean

Publisher: Books on Tape, Inc.
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ISBN: 9781415945629

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Synopsis of A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Carl Bernstein's stunning portrait of Hillary Rodham Clinton shows us, as nothing else has, the true trajectory of her life and career with its zigzag bursts of risks taken and safety sought. Marshaling all the skills and energy that propelled his history-making Pulitzer Prize reporting on Watergate, Bernstein gives us the most detailed, sophisticated, comprehensive, and revealing account we have had of the complex human being and political meteor who has already helped define one presidency and maywell become, herself, the woman in charge of another. We see the shaping of Hillary as a self-described "mind conservative and heart liberal"?her ostensibly idyllic Midwestern girlhood (her mother a nurturer, but her father a disciplinarian, harsher than she has acknowledged); her early development of deep religious feelings; her curiosity fueled by dedicated teachers, by exposure to Martin Luther King Jr., by the ferment of the sixties, and, above all, by a desire to change the...

The New York Times - Robert Dallek

Carl Bernstein presents a—balanced and convincing picture of Mrs. Clinton—He also poses the essential concerns voters will need to confront in deciding whether they will support Mrs. Clinton's 2008 candidacy.

About the Author, Carl Bernstein

Carl Bernstein shared a Pulitzer Prize with Bob Woodward for his coverage of Watergate for The Washington Post. He is the author, with Woodward, of All the President s Men and The Final Days, and, with Marco Politi, of His Holiness: John Paul II and the History of Our Time. He is also the author of Loyalties, a memoir about his parents during McCarthy era Washington. He has written for Vanity Fair (he is also a contributing editor), Time, USA Today, Rolling Stone, and The New Republic. He was a Washington bureau chief and correspondent for ABC News. He lives with his wife, Christine, in New York.

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