Agnes Grey: With a Memoir of Her Sisters

by Anne Bronte, Angeline Goreau

Published: January 1989
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
ISBN: 9780140432107


Synopsis of Agnes Grey: With a Memoir of Her Sisters

Anne Bronte was a 19th century British novelist and poet. She and her sisters Charlotte and Emily were the best-known women writers of the 19th century. At age 19 she left home and worked as a governess for a few years before becoming a writer. Agnes Grey was an 1847 novel based on her experience as a governess. Bronte depicts the precarious position of a governess and how that can effect a young woman. Agnes was the daughter of a minister whose family was in financial difficulty. She has only a few choices for employment. Agnes experiences the difficulty of reining in spoiled children and how wealth can corrupt morals. She later opens a school and finds happiness.

About the Author, Anne Bronte

Barbara A. Suess, assistant professor of English at William Patterson University, is the co-editor of New Approaches to the Literary Art of Anne Brontë and the author of Progress and Identity in the Plays of W. B. Yeats, 1892–1907.

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