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Book cover of Amazing Olympic Athlete Wilma Rudolph

Amazing Olympic Athlete Wilma Rudolph

by Mary Dodson Wade

Publisher: Enslow Publishers, Incorporated
Library Binding
ISBN: 9780766032828

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Synopsis of Amazing Olympic Athlete Wilma Rudolph

Read about Wilma Rudolph-an Olympic track and field gold medallist who overcame polio to win three gold medals.

Children's Literature

In the 1960's the name of Wilma Rudolph was well known by all who followed the Olympic Games. Set in Rome, Italy, the games that year featured this young African American who anchored a relay team and won the race with a photo finish. It was the third of three gold medals won by the young woman who had started life as a victim of polio, living with leg braces for five years before she took off the braces and learned to run. Her story of determination and perseverance is one that all aspiring athletes need to know. This biography, with its basic reading level and personal photographs, is written for the young readers in elementary schools. In addition to the leveled reading, there is a writing prompt, timeline, vocabulary list, index and resource list—all useful elements in the teaching of research and writing. As part of the "Amazing Americans" series, it guarantees that young readers will learn about the rich heritage of Americans who left their mark in a variety of places and careers. Reviewer: Janis Flint-Ferguson

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