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Book cover of American Government in Black and White

American Government in Black and White

by Paula D. McClain, Steven C. Tauber

Publisher: Paradigm Publishers
ISBN: 9781594514975

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Synopsis of American Government in Black and White

This is the first comprehensive introduction to American government through the lens of racial and ethnic equality. It covers the canon from the U.S. Constitution to key American political institutions and instruments of political behavior to the making of public policy. Engaging the original voices of racial and ethnic actors in our nation’s history, the authors show readers how to measure and evaluate the ephemeral value of equality in America from the founding to the current moment.

Features of this Unique Text include:

About the Author, Paula D. McClain

Paula D. McClain is Professor of Political Science at Duke University and a premier author, scholar, and series editor of numerous works on urban, racial, and ethnic politics. She is particularly valued for her commitment to mentoring students from every background.

Steven C. Tauber is Associate Professor of Government and International Affairs at the University of South Florida and known for his work on a variety of national and global legal studies and civil and animal rights, among others.

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