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Book cover of Beckett and Decay

Beckett and Decay

by Kathryn White

Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781847062055

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Synopsis of Beckett and Decay

The word 'decay' is often used by critics in general reference to Beckett's thematic emphasis and philosophical outlook. However, this book explores the idea of decay as the fundamental core of Beckett's work, dominating it thematically, linguistically and artistically. Kathryn White examines Beckett's representation of physical decay, mental and spritual deterioration and finally the idea that 'decay' is to be found in language itself. This study explores the importance of both theme and form in Beckett's work and considers whether Beckett will, in future generations, be remembered both for his representation of existence and his innovations in language.

Reviews of Beckett and Decay

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