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Book cover of Black Theology, Black Power, and Black Love

Black Theology, Black Power, and Black Love

by Michael James

Publisher: African American Images
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9780913543689

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Overview of Black Theology, Black Power, and Black Love

This examination of modern black theology creates a new paradigm known as Integrasegreology, which offers a corrective theory to the polarization of the ideologies of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It also addresses the important social and theological deficiencies in Dr. James Cone’s original introduction of black theology. Integrasegreology acknowledges the importance of integration and separation theories and espouses the creation of new values, individual and collective vocations, and the definition of Black Power-Black Consciousness and its seven critical aspects. It also argues that black theology should not be an end in itself, but serve the greater purpose of the liberation of oppressed blacks throughout the world.

About the Author, Michael James

Michael James is a minister, teacher, and community activist. He lives in Chicago.

Reviews of Black Theology, Black Power, and Black Love

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