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Book cover of Designing the Perfect Resume

Designing the Perfect Resume

by Pat Criscito

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series, Incorporated
ISBN: 9780764128950

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Synopsis of Designing the Perfect Resume

(back cover):
Open this book and you’ll find clear, easy-to-follow instructions for creating an effective résumé that presents your background and qualifications in the very best light.

  • Learn the difference between functional and reverse chronological résumés
  • Find out which style is best for your job search
  • Discover how to make effective use of type fonts and graphic devices
  • Learn how to create a scannable résumé

    Nearly 200 sample résumés can be adapted and personalized to fit your needs. You’ll also find more than 100 new résumé designs created by members of the National Résumé Writers Association (NRWA).

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    Available to Buy

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