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Eight Cousins

by Louisa May Alcott

ISBN: 9781420925692

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Synopsis of Eight Cousins

A shy orphan blossoms among her spirited relatives in this captivating novel by the author of Little Women. Readers of all ages treasure its tales of friendship, kindness, and courage.

Children's Literature

Thirteen-year-old Rose Campbell, a delicate, sensitive orphan, has been cared for by her well-meaning but rather fussy aunts during the year since her father's death. When her lively, forward-thinking Uncle Alex (who is her legal guardian), returns from his world travels, Rose's pallor and listless, "ladylike" ways shock him. He proposes that he take charge of her education, health and life style for a year to try and make her life more wholesome and happy. The novel shows us the adventures, mishaps, and fun that result from Rose and her aunts' adjustments to Uncle Alex's newfangled ideas about how to raise a girl. Many amusing and touching incidents revolving around Rose's relationships with her seven boisterous but affectionate male cousins, also give the author a chance to express what were then radical beliefs about the roles and rights of women.

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