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Book cover of Eloise at the Wedding

Eloise at the Wedding

by Margaret McNamara, Tammie Speer Lyon (Illustrator), Kay Thompson

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
ISBN: 9780689874499

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Synopsis of Eloise at the Wedding

Ooooooo, Eloise just loves weddings! And there's to be one at The Plaza. But when Eloise takes a peek at the bride, little does she know the surprise that awaits her!

Children's Literature

Eloise is a lively, trouble-causing young girl that readers will adore. She lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York City and is always in everyone's business. Her nanny is especially frustrated with always chasing Eloise throughout the hotel. In this early reader book, Eloise finds out that there is a fancy wedding being set up in the ballroom of the hotel. Being the curious, nosey girl that she is, she insists that she must attend the wedding, and this is where the trouble and funny frolics begin. Arriving in the ballroom in her pink bathrobe with her nanny chasing after her, Eloise announces that she "loves, loves, loves weddings." Eloise eventually discovers a crying bride in the bathroom and finds out that she is missing her flower girl. It is easy to guess who volunteers to fill the part. This is part of the "Ready-To-Read" series, Level 1. There are very short sentences, averaging one to three sentences per page. Illustrations are large, colorful and fill the pages. A note to parent and teachers in the front of the book adequately describe the four levels of books and describe Level 1 as "increased vocabulary and longer sentences for children who are just starting to read." This is a great beginner book with a subject area that little girls are sure to be intrigued with.

About the Author, Margaret McNamara

Kay Thompson (1909-1998) was a singer, dancer, vocal arranger, and coach of many MGM musicals in the 1940s.

The Eloise character grew out of the voice of a precocious six-year-old that Miss Thompson put on to amuse her friends. Collaborating with Hilary Knight on what was an immediate bestseller, Kay Thompson became a literary sensation when Eloise was published in 1955. The book has sold more than two million copies to date. Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight created four more Eloise books, Eloise in Paris, Eloise at Christmas, Eloise in Moscow, and Eloise Takes a Bawth.

Hilary Knight, son of artist-writers Clayton Knight and Katharine Sturges, was educated at the Art Students League, where he studied with Reginald Marsh. Besides the Eloise books, Hilary Knight has illustrated more than fifty books for children, six of which he wrote himself.

He lives and works in New York City, not far from The Plaza Hotel.

Margaret McNamara is a writer and an editor who has spent many years working in children's publishing. She is the author of all the books in the Robin Hill School series, and gets many of her ideas from her own daughter's experiences at school. Margaret McNamara lives with her family in New York City, though she likes to spend as much of the summer as she can in Maine.

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