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Book cover of Fireflies


by Ann R. Heinrichs

Publisher: Coughlan Publishing
Library Binding
ISBN: 9780756505882

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Synopsis of Fireflies

Describes different types of fireflies and their physical characteristics, how and why they light up, their uses to mankind, and their life cycles.

Andrea Sears Andrews - Children's Literature

Fireflies will mean much more than backyard fun once this book is read! Budding entomologists will become fascinated with the many facts learned about this soft-bodied beetle. In twenty easy to read pages with bold and colorful photographs, one will learn a firefly's life stages, its environment, its diet, its trick to glowing, and its contributions to science. It is amazing to discover that a firefly's light-making chemicals actually help in the research studies of heart and muscle diseases, detection of pollutants, and understanding of outer space! Simple language is used to present this detailed information. Potentially difficult vocabulary is in bold font so that the reader can quickly turn to the glossary for a definition. Captions explain the intriguing close-up photographs and the back of the book sections, highlighting opportunities for further study, encourage the reader to learn more. This is a terrific book for any young person's classroom, especially one studying nature and its many inhabitants. It is part of the "Nature's Friends" series. 2004, Compass Point Books, Ages 4 to 8.

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