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Book cover of Gray Land: Soldiers on War

Gray Land: Soldiers on War

by Barry Goldstein, Goldstein

Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9780393072969

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Overview of Gray Land: Soldiers on War

Given extraordinary access by the U.S. Army, Barry Goldstein spent two years photographing and interviewing more than fifty actively serving members of a veteran battalion, including two month-long trips during which he lived and patrolled with the unit.

No one indicts war more powerfully than experienced professional soldiers, and no one enumerates more eloquently the reasons for serving. Gray Land is a collection of photographic portraits of veterans accompanied by excerpts from candid, unsupervised interviews and images documenting the realities of life in a war zone. The nobility and wisdom of these men and women will change the way we see war.

Synopsis of Gray Land: Soldiers on War

Photographs of, and candid interviews with, soldiers of the Iraq War, documenting the extraordinary challenges they face.

About the Author, Barry Goldstein

Photographer Barry Goldstein is a professor at the University of Rochester and New York University. He is author of Being There: Medical Student Morgue Volunteers Following 9/11. He lives in North Adams, Massachusetts.

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