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Book cover of Hide, Easter Bunny, Hide!

Hide, Easter Bunny, Hide!

by Udo Weigelt, Cristina Kadmon

Publisher: Ingram Pub Services
ISBN: 9780735820548

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Synopsis of Hide, Easter Bunny, Hide!

It's just before Easter, and the Easter Bunny is hard at work painting the last eggs when his friends burst into his workshop and tell him to hide. There's a masked bandit on the loose looking for the Easter Bunny. This seasonal storybook features flocking on the cover. Full color.

Children's Literature

AGERANGE: Ages 3 to 8.

The soft felt cover is decorated with painted Easter Eggs. A brown bunny is shown with paws open wide. The Easter Bunny has finished painting eggs and is getting ready to hide them. Friends suddenly appear and warm the Bunny that a masked bandit is after him. They offer to help hide the eggs so Bunny can hide himself. It turns out that the masked bandit is a raccoon who is seeking help from the Easter Bunny. They head off to find Squirrel and Woodpecker and learn that they have to re-hide the eggs. After all, children cannot fly, so the eggs should not be in a tree; they should be on the ground. It all ends happily with raccoon getting three decorated eggs for his family and the Easter Bunny hiding two eggs for his assistants to find. The text seems overly laden and does not really flow smoothly, perhaps due to the translation. This book might have been better if the text had been streamlined so that it was crisper, more suspenseful and more amusing. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot

About the Author, Udo Weigelt

UDO WEIGELT has been writing for children since 1989. He has published many books with North-South.
NINA SPRANGER has been illustrating books since 1999. Her first U.S. book was published by North-South.

Peter Horn was born in Krems, Austria. A schoolteacher, he has articles on literature and film. He and Cristina Kadmon collaborated on one When I Grow Up . . . featuring the little turtle Sebastian and his father.

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