Book cover of I'll See You in the Morning

I'll See You in the Morning

by Mike Jolly, Mique Mariuchi

Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC
ISBN: 9780811850377

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Synopsis of I'll See You in the Morning

This dreamy little book is like a hug and a kiss goodnight. Reassuring and loving, with a padded cover and foil cover highlights, it's sure to become a favorite part of every child's goodnight ritual.

Susie Wilde - Children's Literature

The story begins with a mother preparing her child for bed. The book takes the calming format of a poetic description of night as "a blanket that helps the earth to sleep." That dark world includes the light of moonbeams, twinkling stars, promises of pleasant dreams, and always the comforting refrain, "I'll see you in the morning." The gentle words which make night friendly and the reassurance of the mother's proximity are given visual expression with soft pictures. Both combine to make this a lullaby of a book. 2005, Chronicle, Ages 2 to 4.

About the Author, Mike Jolly

Mike Jolley studied graphic design at Reigate School of Art and Design and has been working in children's publishing as a designer and art director for almost twenty years. Mr. Jolley lives in the United Kingdom.

Mique Moriuchi grew up in London, although her most memorable childhood years were spent in Japan. She studied at Norwich School of Art & Design and completed her masters degree at University of Brighton. She currently resides in the United Kingdom.

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