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Book cover of In The Beginning Was The Word, Cycle C

In The Beginning Was The Word, Cycle C

by Dallas A Brauninger

Publisher: CSS Publishing
ISBN: 9780788026232

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Synopsis of In The Beginning Was The Word, Cycle C

In the Beginning Was the Word provides a powerful tool for focusing attention on the scripture readings and facilitating worshipers' active participation in weekly services. For each Sunday and major celebration in the church year, Dallas Brauninger arranges one assigned passage from Cycle C of the Revised Common Lectionary as a dramatic choral reading - allowing anyone (of whatever age) who can read and speak to become a leader in worship. The texts are drawn from the New Revised Standard Version. Also included are practical tips for effective performance, as well as a handy pronunciation guide, scripture index, and listing of the required number of participants for each week's reading.
Worship can be enhanced by exploring different ways to read the lessons. One resource which can be a great asset is In the Beginning Was the Word. Speech choirs provide opportunities for a broad spectrum of church members to make a short-term commitment to participate in worship. This experience can blend generations and build a sense of community within congregations.
Lutheran Partners magazine These readings use the voices of men, women, and youth to foster wide participation in the speaking and hearing of scripture. The narrative and conversational style of many passages is preserved in the alternation of voices, allowing the text to come alive both for those who speak and for those who hear.
Herbert H. Lambert Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) pastor Former editor, Christian Board of Publications Dallas A. Brauninger is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and full-time writer who has served churches in Colorado and Nebraska. A cum laude graduate of Albion College, Brauninger received her Master of Divinity degree and an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Chicago Theological Seminary. She is the author of numerous CSS preaching and worship resources, including three-year series on Preaching the Miracles, Preaching the Parables, and Lectionary Worship Aids.

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