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Book cover of "Long George" Francis: Gentleman Outlaw of Montana

"Long George" Francis: Gentleman Outlaw of Montana

by Gary Wilson

Publisher: Globe Pequot Press
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9780762739769

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Overview of "Long George" Francis: Gentleman Outlaw of Montana

Feared and hated by a few who held that he was an outlaw, "Long George" Francis was the rumored leader of a major gang of cattle and horse thieves and, supposedly, the head of a ring of bootleggers and hijackers. Still, others considered him a Robin Hood of the West-a folk hero the likes of Jesse James, Sam Bass, and Butch Cassidy. He waged wars against the rich and greedy while helping the poor-all without robbing a bank or shooting a soul. The truth about "Long George" is somewhere in between, as muddy as the Milk River itself, named such because it was the color of a cup of tea with a tablespoon of milk added.
Written by biographer and historian Gary A. Wilson, with an introduction by internationally known novelist and historian Dan Cushman, "Long George" Francis reveals the legend behind one of the American West's so-called romantic heroes of the cowboy-outlaw period. The events of his dramatic life and death produced an infamous persona undiminished by time.

Synopsis of "Long George" Francis: Gentleman Outlaw of Montana

"Long George" Francis: Gentleman Outlaw of Montana, is the fascinating account of the life of a little-known outlaw and latter-day Robin Hood of Montana. Author Gary A. Wilson captures the time period and his subject with an unflinching eye and meticulous research, creating a book for western history buffs everywhere.

About the Author, Gary Wilson

Gary A. Wilson's previous books include Honky Tonk Town: Havre's Bootlegging Days and Outlaw Tales of Montana. Biographer, historian, and publisher, he has been researching the history of northern Montana since 1978. He is a founding board member of the Fort Assinniboine Preservation Association and is active in several local and regional tourist and historical organizations. He lives in Havre, Montana.

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