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Book cover of Looking for Lucy Buick

Looking for Lucy Buick

by Rita Murphy

Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 9780440229247

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Synopsis of Looking for Lucy Buick

Lucy is a baby when she joins the Sandoni clan: Rocco (one of three Sandoni brothers) wins a Buick convertible in a poker game; Rhodi (one of five Sandoni sisters) finds Lucy abandoned in the backseat. Eighteen years later, all six of her Sandoni “aunts” having died, Lucy waits for a sign that it’s time to leave the stifling New York household of her domineering “uncles.” After all, signs, as Rhodi taught her, are meant to be followed!
So when a fire engulfs the Sandoni Brothers’ business, Lucy flees town. She heads west, getting off at Gardenia, Iowa, where the offbeat folk welcome her. The past, however, isn’t easy to leave behind. Lucy’s deceased aunts pay her regular visits. Lucy also fears that her uncles will track her down. Should she stay in Gardenia or should she push on? And as her old life catches up with her, Lucy feels lost. She’ll have to remember that wanting to get lost is often the quickest means of finding your way.

Kelly Grebinoski - Children's Literature

Imagine winning the car of your dreams. Rocco, from the Sandoni clan, wins a Buick. As luck would have it, he is in for more than a good car. In the back seat, rests baby Lucy. The Sandoni "uncles" and "aunts" end up raising Lucy as their own. Their lives are filled with typical family turmoil. The biggest is when all of the "aunts" die and Lucy is left in the care of her "uncles." Then a fire engulfs the family business and saves Lucy from being married off to someone she does not love. The planned marriage is meant to pay back one of her "uncle's" debts. As the fire takes the building, a voice tells Lucy to leave New York. At the age of 18, she leaves and begins a new life of adventure and excitement. She encounters her "aunt" Rhodi who assures her she is doing the right thing. Luck continues to find her and she lands in Gardenia, Iowa. Under the careful eye of her "aunts" and the Buick citizens of Iowa, Lucy begins a new life. However, is it a life far from her past and her "uncles?" 2005, Delacorte Press, Ages 12 up.

About the Author, Rita Murphy

Rita Murphy’s previous novels are Night Flying, Black Angels, and Harmony. She lives in Vermont.

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