Nature and Power: A Global History of the Environment

by Joachim Radkau, Thomas Dunlap

Published: January 2008
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Pages: 450
ISBN: 9780521616737


Overview of Nature and Power: A Global History of the Environment

This Book Aims to Demonstrate that the changing relationship between humanity and nature is a key to understanding world history. Humans have been grappling with environmental problems since prehistoric times, and the environmental unsustainability of human practices has often been a decisive, if not immediately evident, shaping factor in history. Ironically, the measures that societies and states have adopted to stabilize the relationship between humans and the natural world have repeatedly contributed to environmental crises over the course of history. Nature and Power traces the expanding scope of environmental action over the course of history: from initiatives undertaken by individual villages and cities, environmental policy has become a global concern. Efforts to steer human use of nature and natural resources have become complicated, as Nature and Power shows, by particularities of culture and by the vagaries of human nature itself. Environmental history, the author argues, is ultimately the history of human hopes and fears.

About the Author:
Joachim Radkau is Professor of History at the University of Bielefeld in Germany

Synopsis of Nature and Power: A Global History of the Environment

Nature and Power explores the interaction between humanity and the natural environment from prehistoric times to the present.

About the Author, Joachim Radkau

Joachim Radkau is Associate Professor of History at Universität Bielefeld in Germany. His books include Deutsche Industrie und Politik von Bismarck bis zur Gegenwart (1974). Holz: Ein Naturstoff in der Technikgeschichte (in collaboration with Ingrid Schäfer, 1987), Das Zeitalter der Nervosität: Deutschland zwischen Bismarck und Hitler (1998), and the biography of Max Weber, Die Leidenschaft des Denkens (2005).

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