Book cover of Operation of Market-Oriented Power Systems

Operation of Market-Oriented Power Systems

by Yong-Hua Song (Editor), XI-Fan Wang (Editor), Yong-Hua Song

Published: July 2003
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
ISBN: 9781852336707

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Synopsis of Operation of Market-Oriented Power Systems

Internationally, the electric power industry is currently undergoing unprecedented reform. The deregulation of the electricity supply industry has introduced new opportunities for competition and has made the maintenance of economic and reliable supplies of electricity a tremendous challenge. Faced by an increasingly complicated existence, power utilities need efficient tools to ensure that electrical energy of the quality desired can be provided at the lowest possible cost. Operation of Market-oriented Power Systems provides effective computational tools for the efficient operation of restructured power systems covering all the major operational issues such as:

• congestion management;

• available transfer capability calculations;

• price forecasting and optimal bidding strategies;

• a review of international research and world-wide industrial practice covered in each chapter gives the reader a broader understanding of the state of the art in this exciting field.

Operation of Market-oriented Power Systems will be a useful reference for professional engineers and researchers in the operation and control of modern power systems as all within the power industry face up to the changes required to provide safe, reliable and profitable electricity in an increasingly competitive market.

About the Author, Yong-Hua Song

Yong-Hua Song is Professor of Electrical Energy Systems at Brunel and he also holds the Royal Academy of Engineering/Nuclear Electric/Siemens Chair of Power Systems Analysis. He is the author of over 250 journal and conference papers.

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