Rose Prophecy

by Jeff Wilcox

Published: December 2006
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
ISBN: 9780595423408

Synopsis of Rose Prophecy

"...Rose shall cry."

The child of a benevolent lord must come to terms with the destruction of his family, but against the wishes of his caretaker, he does so by swearing to take revenge for the act of evil. As he forges his tools for his private war, a very real and deadly battle rages around him, and he slowly realizes that he has become entangled within the grasping threads of fate.

Only as he leaves the one he has come to love and marches off to do battle with the demons of his past does he realize that he himself spun the path of destiny he now walks.

What he doesn t know is what the outcome of his actions will be. Do the swirling mists he sees hide his doom or his salvation? Only by moving forward can he find out, and he takes sword in hand as he prepares for the worst.

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