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Book cover of Silent Nights: Overcoming Sleep Problems in Babies and Children

Silent Nights: Overcoming Sleep Problems in Babies and Children

by Brian Symon

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195517866

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Synopsis of Silent Nights: Overcoming Sleep Problems in Babies and Children

Few sounds are more disconcerting than that of a crying infant unable or unwilling to go to sleep. The sound is particularly distressing in the middle of the night when the parents know that the baby - and what they - need is sleep. Nor is the problem limited to babies. Many families endure months or even years of insomnia because of their children's habitual lack of sleep. The consequences for the parents' health, well-being, enjoyment of their children, and in some cases the health of relationships and working lives, are considerable. This book provides a sensible, no-nonsense guide to how babies sleep and why they cry. It shows how this knowledge can be applied in practical ways to help the normal, healthy baby to establish sleeping patterns that will improve its life and benefit the entire family. The process is not always easy, but following this program means that a good night's sleep may no longer be an impossible dream.

Ruzica K. Ristanovic

This charming book is a product of years of the author's clinical experience resulting in a firm conviction that the early establishment of a sound sleep contributes significantly to the physical and emotional development of a child. The author generously shares his experience and provides parents with practical hints and advice. The purpose is to provide parents with an adequate guide to the recognition, understanding, and management of age-related sleep disturbances, from neonatal until late pre-school age. Although this book is intended for parents, its philosophy and management strategies for modification of a young child's sleep troubles should be of interest to physicians as well. The author has extensive clinical experience and is credible in the subject matter. This book represents a single clinician's opinion and recommendations. As such it does not contain references or illustrations. The major quality of the book is organization into chapters covering feeding and sleep in general, and discussion of age-related sleep and feeding problems, prevention and management of sleep troubles, and the influence of the above on parental sex life and parenthood itself. The author also summarizes his clinical research study on healthy infants documenting the effectiveness of instructing parents how to ""improve sleep performance"" of their children. The appendix entitled ""Instant Diagnosis"" is simple and easy to follow. This is an extremely useful parent guidebook. It is a labor of love and the fruit of an astute observer, a physician, who accumulated extensive experience and expertise in the field. He educates the reader about recognition of sleep disturbances in a young child,and even more importantly about their prevention and management with an ultimate goal to establish sound sleep early in life. Particularly well covered in a succinct and simple way are segments covering age-related norms for feeding and sleep schedule, recognition of ""overtiredness,"" and detailed explanations how to have the child develop ""independent sleep skills."" This book is recommended primarily to parents, but also to primary care physicians, pediatricians, and sleep specialists.

About the Author, Brian Symon

Dr. Brian Symon has worked as a general practitioner for two decades. He now works as a special-interest practitioner, seeing families with sleepless children exclusively. After five years as an academic he has returned to full-time practice but has recently been granted an MD (PhD) in the field of infant sleep by the University of Adelaide.

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