The Aonne

by J. Newell

Published: December 2006
Pages: 236
ISBN: 9781430300298


Overview of The Aonne

What can be worse than finding out that your friends betrayed you? You can lose them all... When Jack gets sucked into a different, more innocent universe, the protagonists are thrown together to save the world. But Jack did not come alone, a Dark Entity followed him through and is using him as a foothold in the new universe, poisoning the AOnne, the net connecting all life, in the process. Seemingly insurmountable odds force the characters to confront the traumas and conflicts of their lives, interrupted by frantic action but also by tender moments of love. They are helped by an unlikely combination of friends, which range from a flying dinosaur, to an intelligent school of carp, a philosophizing but ever miserable mushroom and its symbiont, the tree Deanna, with culture clashes that produce hilarious results. But evil is strong and has long roots, and then there is the soul of the universe itself, which has a mind of its own…

Synopsis of The Aonne

Jack had moved on, the cord was severed. All this was very well, but if being sucked into a vortex-like hole, and being dropped off on the other side 20 m above the tallest tree meant that your life flashed before your eyes, he would have wished to see a nicer, more exciting stretch of his life. Like that moment when he saw that moon fish, or the wreck dive in Bali. Even one of his spectacular skiing dives would have done, but he guessed he couldn't be picky while the trees were rushing towards him at 1 kilometer per second. 'Aaaargh...,' he heard himself scream, thinking...'

The AOnne - the net connecting all life, a journey to utopia and back, with complications. Heavy drama, comic relief, a colorful landscape with a multitude of different species, and plenty of excitement and action meet serious thought. In a sudden turn of events, the four main characters are ripped from a slow and depressing time in their lives into a torrent of events that might very well prove to be the last adventure of their lives.
Will they be able to adapt in time?

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