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Book cover of The Communist Party Of The United States

The Communist Party Of The United States

by Fraser M. Ottanelli

Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9780813516134

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Overview of The Communist Party Of The United States

an overview of the communists during the designated time period or to generally educate a new history or political science student.

Synopsis of The Communist Party Of The United States

Fraser M. Otanelli examines the history of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) from the stock market crash to the reconstitution of the Party in 1945. He explains the appeal of the CPUSA and its emergence as the foremost vehicle of left-wing radicalism during these years.

Most studies of the CPUSA have focused on either the grass-roots activities of the Party's members of the Party's relations with the Communist International in Moscow. For the first time, Otanelli explores in depth the subtle and intricate interaction between these two levels. He also looks at the Party's domestic policies and activities concerning labor, race, youth and the unemployed. The Party's sectarianism in the early '30s evolved into the broad alliances of the Popular Front, as members worked within new industrial unions, and changed from opposing to supporting FDR and the New Deal.

Reviews of The Communist Party Of The United States

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