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Book cover of The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Vol. 8: Europe

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Vol. 8: Europe

by Timothy Rice, Ruth M. Stone, James Porter (Editor), Chris Goertzen (Editor), James Porter

Publisher: Taylor & Francis, Inc.
ISBN: 9780824060343

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Synopsis of The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Vol. 8: Europe

Here in one volume is a comprehensive look at the folk and traditional musics of the entire European continent--from Ireland to the new republics of Georgia and Belarus. It explores such topics as musical archaeology and migrations…provides extensive coverage of music instrument classification…and includes a survey of museum collections of instruments. Special essays about European music history include an ethnomusicological study of Western classical music. Especially detailed coverage is provided for the Balkan nations and minority groups in the former Soviet Union.

Library Journal

Following the format of this ten-volume series (e.g., Africa, LJ 9/1/97; South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, LJ 4/15/99), these works on world music contain articles by numerous scholars and cover many ethnic groups; 98 languages and language families are named in the index to the volume on Europe. After the two unifying introductory chapters by Rice (chair, ethnomusicology, UCLA), James Porter (Scottish ethnomusicology, Univ. of Aberdeen, Scotland), and Chris Goertzen (music, Earlham Coll.; Fiddling for Norway: Revival and Identity), articles in the Europe volume cover broad topics, such as European popular and art music and world and immigrant music in Europe. The geographic section explores the unique nature of individual European musical cultures as well as six transnational ethnic groups (e.g., Jews, Travellers) and 44 separate national cultures. Most of the 70-plus articles treat history, current practice, and scholarship, thus giving prospective researchers solid overviews and leads on individuals and institutions with expertise in each musical culture. As with the other volumes, an accompanying CD includes musical examples that are not available commercially. What results is an important one-volume addition to the literature on European traditional music for libraries owning the other volumes in the series or specializing in European anthropological subjects. In the Southeast Asia volume, another solid continuation of the series, 68 authors examine the vast subject of Indian music. As with the other volumes, this offers overview chapters (introduction and discussion of broad issues) preceding sections on each musical region or country. With myriadlanguages, religions, and national histories, the Indian subcontinent has a rich cultural heritage and much cross-cultural pollination to explore. Areas closed to scholars for political reasons or simply not yet studied still need research, but traditions in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka are represented. Both influences originally from outside of India--such as film music--and the worldwide diaspora of Indian peoples are also treated. Issues include the different roles of men and women in some South Asian musical cultures, the intersection of music, theater, and dance, and musical iconography and organology. Scholarly but colorful in its treatment, this book is aimed at serious students of ethnomusicology, upper undergraduate level and above. For large public and academic libraries owning the other volumes and for libraries specializing in South Asian subjects. [Volumes in this series on the Middle East and on the United States and Canada will be released in fall 2000 and on East Asia in 2001.--Ed.]--Bonnie Jo Dopp, Univ. of Maryland Libs., College Park Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.\

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