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Book cover of 'Tis the Season (Main Street Series #3)

'Tis the Season (Main Street Series #3)

by Ann M. Martin, Ariadne Meyers

Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Compact Disc
ISBN: 9780545025355

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Synopsis of 'Tis the Season (Main Street Series #3)

It's looking to be a hard holiday season for the girls of Main Street. For Flora and Ruby, it's the first Christmas without their parents around. For Olivia, gift giving and tree decorating must be balanced with the fact that both of her parents need jobs. And for Nikki, there's the presence of her mean, angry father to reckon with. Luckily, the girls have each other--and the community around them. As Camden Falls prepares for its annual festivities, Flora, Ruby, Olivia, and Nikki all find that the hard things become easier when there are family, friends, and neighbors to share things with.


Ariadne Meyers is an accomplished actress, author and award-winning audiobook narrator who also conducts storytelling workshops for children. Ms. Meyers' own play, The Spinning Room, premiered at the Verbier Arts Festival in Switzerland.

Children's Literature

Sisters Flora and Ruby are excited to experience their first Christmas in Camden Falls. Regrettably, this is also their first Christmas without their parents. Fortunately, the energetic sisters have made lots of friends in the pleasant little town known for its many exciting holiday traditions. They spend most of their time at Needle and Thread, the sewing shop where their grandmother works. Their best friends, Nikki and Olivia, help keep them busy by assisting them in creating a winter window display for the store. The girls love to help the customers and make it their business to know everyone in town. They have a great time leading the townspeople in making Christmas presents for the homeless. This activity gives Flora, Ruby, and Olivia the idea to plan a big Christmas surprise for Nikki s needy family. Flora and Ruby maintain festive optimism even when their snooty aunt visits for Christmas. Martin makes this a fun, breezy read while touching on some serious issues such as death, child abuse, and poverty. She describes a small, cheerful town that becomes like family to Flora and Ruby. Bright pictures of the town and an illustration showing the layout of the girls favorite hangout helps readers picture the girls running around town. Martin writes the main characters, Flora and Ruby, caringly and thoughtfully. This story will get readers in the holiday spirit. This is the third book in Martin s Main Street series. Reviewer: Julie Minnich

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