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Book cover of When Second Graders Attack

When Second Graders Attack

by Lawrence David, Barry Gott

Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
ISBN: 9780142301180

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Synopsis of When Second Graders Attack

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the Cupcaked Crusader! Otherwise known as the smallest ten-year-old with the biggest ideas in town-Horace Splattly. Horace, victim of his brilliant little sister's experiments, empowered by her chemically-altered cupcakes and mortified by the purple costume she makes him wear, flies through the skies of Blootinville breathing fire and foiling evil. But not much goes on in Horace's notoriously quiet town. Until one fateful day, when a gigantic, man-eating, furry monster appears on the playground at sunset! Can the Cupcaked Crusader save the town, or will Horace become monster chow?

Barbara Kennedy - Children's Literature

Horace Splattly, the smallest fourth grader in Blootinville, had a lot on his mind before he became a superhero. Why was the science teacher, Mr. Dienow, so mean and nasty? Did he really see a hairy monster on his school playground at sunset? Horace and his best friends, the Blootin twins, kept track of these and many other observations in the Splattly and Blootin Big Notebook of Worldwide Conspiracies. So, he really had enough to do before his sister Melody made him eat her strange and awful cupcakes that turned him into the Cupcaked Crusader. Once she got him into the purple taffeta outfit that made the transformation complete, she let him know why she endowed him with the power to fly and breathe fire. She wanted him to find out what her perfect neighbor Penny was doing for her historical diorama project. Fortunately, Horace got to the real trouble in town, and, not to give too much away, Principal Nosair has one Cupcaked Crusader to thank for getting him out of the belly of a giant guinea pig that had once been a docile pet in the science teacher's room. 2002, Puffin Books,

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