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Book cover of World Music: A Global Journey

World Music: A Global Journey

by Terry Miller

Publisher: Taylor & Francis, Inc.
Pages: 584
ISBN: 9780415988780

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Overview of World Music: A Global Journey

The second edition of World Music: A Global Journey introduces students to the diversity of musical expression around the world. It takes the reader across the globe to experience cultural traditions that challenge the ear, the mind, and the spirit. It presents a systematic study of varied traditions in a non-technical language accessible to any enthusiast of world music and culture. The second edition continues with its geographical orientation to each locale, and visits each of the seventy musical "sites" with a three-fold listening review that begins with an experiential "first impression" of the music. This is followed by an "aural analysis" of the musical organization and a closer look at the interesting instruments that create the exotic sounds heard. Finally, the authors consider the cultural connections that give the music its meaning. The second edition of World Music enhances its pedagogical efforts with Listening Guides, an enhanced website, and improved interior design. With nearly 300 photos of instruments and cultural settings, over two hours of music on the accompanying audio CDs, and online resources, World Music: A Global Journey provides a fundamental resource for teachers, students, researchers, musicians, and any enthusiast beginning their exploration of world music and culture.

Synopsis of World Music: A Global Journey

· "This is the best organized, concise, clear classroom book that I have encountered for this type of course." --Cleveland State University

· "Well-written, lots of detail, helpful side-bar material and fine maps. Miller and Shahriari write with admirable authority and enthusiasm." --Texas Christian University

· "Treats the student readers as intelligent beings with wide-ranging intellectual interests." --New York University

· Includes 2 audio CDs of examples
· Two color throughout with two four-color inserts; original photos and maps

World Music: A Global Journey introduces students to the diversity of musical expression around the world. Written for those with no background in music notation or theory, the book is modeled on a series of guided trips around the musical world. Written in layperson's language, with ample illustrations including maps, photographs, and musical examples, this book introduces an entire world of music to students. For those taking a single semester survey course, the professor can choose to select areas highlighted in the text; others taking a more comprehensive two-semester course will find ample material here for an entire year of study.

Beyond its engaging text, the book is two color throughout with two four color inserts. There are many photographs-taken by the authors and other leading ethnomusicologists-illustrating musicians, places, musical instruments, and performances. The design includes icons that make finding definitions, key examples, and related text easy. The book is packaged with three CDs, giving full versions of many of the musical examples highlighted in the text.

The text has been thoroughly reviewed and classroom tested in the US and abroad, and the authors have incorporated many features based on these reviews. World Music: A Global Journey sets a new standard for introductory texts in ethnomusicology/world music.

A supporting website, including photos, audio-clips and additional resources can be found at

INCLUDES TWO CDs Two color throughout; two 4-color inserts

About the Author, Terry Miller

Terry E. Miller is Professor Emeritus of Ethnomusicology at Kent State University, where he co-founded the Center for Study of World Musics.

Andrew Shahriari is an Instructor of Ethnomusicology at Kent State University.

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