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Book cover of Wow! It Sure is Good to Be You!

Wow! It Sure is Good to Be You!

by Cynthia Jabar

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Library Binding
ISBN: 9780618581320

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Synopsis of Wow! It Sure is Good to Be You!

This jazzy story reaffirms that even when people who love you are far away, they are thinking of you all the time and loving you as the “cool-girl brave and strong” that they know you to be! Just right for encouraging self-esteem, this book celebrates the relationships girls have with moms, aunts, sisters, friends, and everyone who loves them. Bright, energetic illustrations and onomatopoetic, rhythmic poetry make this a fun read-aloud and a great gift for young and old!

Children's Literature

We live in an age of travel that is often exciting and adventurous. We can go almost anywhere we choose and see how other people live and what their country looks like. This opportunity also presents challenges to relationships. Unlike our grandparents, grown children often live very far away from their parents. Their children are not given the opportunity to see grandparents or other relatives every day. This text deals with the child and the adult who are separated. Although the author wrote this story for her own nieces and nephews, it is also applicable for the divorced family. The emphasis is on the child, and how much the child is loved by the adult, even when the adult is not physically there. The youngest reader can understand the anticipation of someone who loves them coming to see them, and thinking about them. This is a delightful read aloud story for young preschoolers. It also makes a great gift book for parents who are not custodial parents, because it provides for a pathway to talking about the emotional health of the child.

About the Author, Cynthia Jabar

Cynthia Jabar is the illustrator of a number of books for children, including Rain Song and Snow Dance. Her distinctive illustrations have been described by viewers as "vigorous," "full of zest," and "bright and saucy." She divides her time between Portland, Maine, and New York City.

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